about me

I am passionate about change, so everything that has to do with learning, optimization, innovation and transformation from the human perspective is within my area of interest.

That’s how I got to learn & practice different trades – training, coaching, management consulting, motivational speaking…different paths to the same goal: help people and organisations upgrade themselves.

Below are some bullet points that may shed a light on accomplishments, career highlights, education, publications etc…and these do tell one side of my story. There is however an engine behind each such life story – mine is no different then others’ though. Simply put, my values have always driven my behaviors, which have resulted in those bullet points.

My truth is that we’re making our own lives. We’re choosing what’s important for us, which dictates what we believe, which create the boundaries of what we’re able to do…until we upgrade our thinking and restart on another level!

So here are the bullet points complemented with stories and assorted motivational values (and since this is a story and not a CV, let’s go chronologically, shall we?)

  • went to Medical School (never underestimate the determination of a 3 yo answering the usual stupid “what do you want to do when you grow up” question with “I wanna be a doptor” – no typo there btw), aced it with MD licence and practiced for couple of years (loved the doing good part but more importantly, loved the learning challenge and fell in love with the detective/solutioning part of the job!)…then quit my job one fine 1998 Friday morning (value conflict: ethics)


  • while thinking about the next career move, addiction to learning manifested into taking a Master’s Degree in Social & Health Services Management; 6 months into the course got a chance to finalize my thesis in Total Quality Management with a Socrates scholarship in Patras, Greece…with a job waiting for me at the end of the year in the Institute of Health Services Management hosting the master course (apparently spending time in the library and volunteering to help consultants prepare for training  – fresh(wo)man management consultant and soft-skills trainer; traveled the world to learn & work, got certified in the US as Trainer of Trainers, Learning Curriculum Designer, Competency Map Consultant, Financial Expert for Hospital Financing…almost 5 years later -2002 by now – quit the job (values conflict: learning, achievement, fairness)


  • having received an offer to work in ING (Insurance & Banking) as a trainer (no good deed goes unpunished – made some bucks during Medical school selling life insurance – just enough for ING’s Training Manager to remember me when we ran into each other in the city); went up the corporate ladder to Training Manager role, did an MBA to catch up with the finance industry, got certified as Assessment & Development Center Assessor, learned a thing or two about leading virtual teams, went through two restructuring episodes, got exposed to strategic projects & worked for the first time with C-suite big guys…then quit the job another fine Friday of 2006 (values conflict: fairness, efficiency, competence)


  • headhunted for my first executive role – Business Development Manager for a global Business Consulting organisation (Vector Consultants) – got a first taste for the management consultant’s work & life style (company specialty: organisational diagnosis in M&A due diligence context), got the chance to blend selling, training, management consulting, leading – and learned a thing or two about entrepreneurship, product and project management (developing the Performance Management business line)…withing a very intensive half a year period at the end of which guess what? Sure enough, I quit my job (values conflict: ethics, accomplishment)


  • headhunted for the HR Director role in a M&A context (Uniqa’s acquisition of Astra Insurance), so I got the second chance to be part of the planning & implementation of organisational transformation, learned the fundamentals of corporate politics  and experimented first hand the effects of corporate strategy switch when Uniqa pulled back from the acquisition …resulting in my pulling back from the role at the end of 2007  (values conflict: ethics, accomplishment, learning)


  • got back into the management consultant world as Senior Consulting Director (Change Implementation Business Line) and Business Manager for the Middle East & North Africa geographies, a wonderful opportunity to oversee regional operations from the Dubai, UAE hub and learn from master business consultants with which I’ve had the pleasure to implement a handful of strategic transformation & company-wide L&D programs in a variety of countries & industries and found; got certified as coach and totally fell in love with entrepreneurship; the economic meltdown in 2009 was the moment when I realized that the 10 years of learning & practice could blend with my newly found entrepreneurial passion…which led to my last ever resignation (value conflict: freedom)


  • created The Wisery hub (thewisery.com) – a personal and organisational development brand that has brought together L&D and business consultants looking for opportunities to create meaningful development contexts for people ready to change & willing to learn…got certified as NLP Master and Coach, Agile HR Consultant, and got behind the wheels of an entrepreneurial adventure that’s been unfolding for 10 years, where I get to partner with wonderful consultants and clients with matching values 🙂

So how does good life look to me?