Cristina is a fierce woman, a dedicated team player and a great supporter of learning and development. We worked together on several educational projects and each time I was struck by her capacity to grasp large amounts of data, variables, inputs and create strong bonds and relationships to foster the projects. She advances an attitude of optimism and her knowledgeability helps her in dealing with provocative discussions and opposing attitudes from others. She’s also a great leader in complex projects and endeavors, running them with clarity and joy.

 – George Bragadireanu, creative Leadership Coach, PCC

With an extensive and relevant experience in the consulting area as well as in HR services, Cristina is your ideal partner that will turn your desired project into a success and help you implement best practices in a sustainable fashion.

– Codruta Ilie, HRD Lead, Medlife

I met Cristina while she was offering us the opportunity to deliver a leadership event to ING management within sales force. I may say that for any development supplier the company facilitator is one of the success key of any event. We have created very fast a great partnership with Cristina, showing us responsibility, implication, enthusiasm and professional attitude, and having always in mind the outcome for her team. We would sincerely say that Cristina added great value to our cooperation and to her team.

– Monica Eugeniu, Attitude & Performance Team Coach, LearningAbout

Cristina is as straight and honest as they come, she’s highly intelligent, motivated and a real go-getter. It was a pleasure working with her in the Middle East.

– Philip Eden, Resource Manager, Kellway, London, UK

We have completed a very successful project with Cristina. She is knowledgeable, creative, experienced and a team worker.She understands the clients well and provides comprehensive and easy-to implement solutions.

 – Turkan Kara, entrepreneur, SYS Denismanlik, Istanbul, TR

Cristina is astute and has excellent understanding of organizational issues providing tactful and incisive management coaching and recommendations on a timely basis.

– George Sirakas, GM, Alstom Power

I have met Cristina in 2006 when she joined our team to develop a new business unit in UBD. I found in her a very resourceful person, a true professional. Her empathy and positive attitude are real tonics for the working environment and for the team spirit. A very good and complete HR professional having extensive experience in the consulting area as well as in internal services can only be a reliable partner in any project or activity she is/will be involved. Strengths: in-depth knowledge of business and HR area, ambitious, open, reliable and kind person. I highly recommend Cristina for business development and HR consulting.

 Mirela Neculae, HR Business Analyst, Groupe S-Partenaire RH, Bruxelles, BE

I think Entrepreneurship and Energizing people are key words that come to my mind when thinking of Cristina.

– Carmen Soare, Chief Marketing Officer, ING Life Insurance and Pension Funds

Cristina is a focused, result oriented, and dependable achiever. She is supportive and easy to work with.

– Oya Figen, GM UBD, Istanbul, TR

Cristina embodies values that are rare in consultants—honesty, clear straightforward practical thinking, and warmth. She has deep skills in organisational development, organisation change, project management and human resources consulting, as well as experience in the healthcare and financial services areas among others. Someone once said that when hiring a person, you should ask yourself if you would look forward to seeing that person when you first came into the office on Monday morning. Cristina is definitely someone I would be happy to see on any given Monday for her expert help as well as her character.

– Claudia Bloom, Sr.Consulting director, Vector Consultants, Dublin, Ireland

I have worked with Cristina for more than one year and I really appreciate her ethics, seriousness and business knowledge. Then she became a potential customer for me and I admired the commitment she displayed in serving her customers (internal and external). Apart from these observations, I would like to say that Cristina is full of energy, easily embraces change situations and always determined to learn end experience new things. I strongly recommend her as a trustful business partner and consultant with extensive expertise in HR and business/ operational processes.

– Dan Berteanu, VP of Education, Bittnet Group

What impressed me with Cristina was her high perceptiveness. She manages to grasp quickly the essential points of a situation and lead the same in the proper direction. She is absolutely enjoyable to work with, besides her qualities of being knowledgeable and thorough in her field of expertise.

– Ivana Georgievska, Program Coordinator, World Learning, Macedonia

Cristina is recognized as an extreme professional and person with the highest ethical standards. She is highly organized, responsible and determined to delivering top business results. Trustworthy, bright and proactive person who’s always ready to help, a good mate and professional, she is a great asset for everybody around her. I highly recommend Cristina to anyone who requires her professional service.

– Angela Georgieva, BG Drilling Solutions, Sofia, BG

Cristina is a detail orientated person who gets the job done. Through rigorous questioning and wanting to get the best outcome Cristina is tenacious in her approach to work.

– Pam Nash, Portfolio Manager East Midlands, MOSL, UK

Cristina was a very good team leader and a hard working person. She was target-oriented and efficient in problem solving, but she was also a very creative person.For me, Cristina was a good colleague and a reliable friend.

– Nona Delia Chiriac, Head of Patient Access & Public Affairs, Novartis

Cristina is a very smart person, with very good communication skills and a deep understanding of business. She is very motivated, detail oriented and has excellent time management skills. I am sure that she will prove her talent for business wherever she may go.

– Adrian Papaiani, Sr.UW (Marine), CNA Insurance, Montreal, Canada

Cristina Mihai is the manager you want to have it in HR: very good communication skills, allways positive attitude, result oriented with excelent analytical sense of the situations. In ASTRA, whenever you needed something that involved HR, and not only HR, you knew you can always count on her.

– Gabriel Victor Orsa, Head of International Business, RENOMIA SRBA

I have the pleasant opportunity to work with Cristina as a member of HR Department. Cristina is a detail-oriented manager, with a sparkling mind and great expectations regarding the projects ran under her command. Her positive thinking, highly professional behavior and open communication style makes of her an ideal team member or manager. Regardless of one’s development level, one will always have something to learn from her. I highly recommend Cristina for whatever position she may decide to take up next. She is the type of manager that I am happy to work for (with).

– Loredana Cabul, personnel administration specialist Rompetrol (KMG Intl)

Cristina started a new division in UBD from the scratch, demonstrating great abilities in taking decisions, negociating for resources and comunicating with different stake holders.Cristina is an excellent team mate I would always like to have in the management team.

– Urania Cremene, Sr. Trainer AchieveGlobal/UBD

Cristina is a very motivated and ambitious person. I had the chance to work with her in several projects and she has proven her professionalism, leading abilities and team spirit during all this time.

– Alina Dobrescu, PMP, Ops.Manager Western EU & Canada, BAT

I came to know Cristina while working at ING headquarters; she was training manager at the time. She is an energetic and easygoing person, with a good sense of humour which helped us all through the more demanding periods at the office. During the time we worked in the same group, I found it easy to ask for her help when in difficulty, confident that I would enjoy professional support and advice, despite the fact that she was not my line manager.

– Costina Barbu, PMP, Head of Regulatory Adherence & Controls GCG EMEA, DWS Group, Frankfurt, DE